Our Constitutional By-Laws


  1. Membership dues are subject to review at any time by the current executive.
  2. The full membership fee for a first person in a family is $40.00. All additional immediate family seeking membership will be assessed a reduced per person fee in correlation to decreased club expenses for that membership.
  3. Any active diver must hold a full general or family membership.
  4. All paid in full members have voting privileges.
  5. All members must agree to and sign the waiver form included on the South Shore Scuba membership application.
  6. Each year, when the new executive is chosen, the accounts will be audited before the new treasurer takes over.
  7. Membership dues are due April 30th of every year. Failure to pay dues by this date will be considered a resignation from S.S.S. and all club privileges will cease.
  8. All new and renewing members dues are $40.00 regardless if the date joined.
  9. The current executive may refuse any application for membership to South Shore Scuba Club with reason with an executive quorum, without general membership discussion. Reason constitutes unsafe or unlawful diving practices, conduct deemed detrimental to the club, which may include diving alone, wreck stripping, etc. Grounds do not include ethnic, racial, or religious reasons.
  10. Any member may be expelled from S.S.S. for unsafe or conduct detrimental to South Shore Scuba or any of its members by a 2/3 vote of attending membership at a general meeting.
  11. Any executive member who resigns from an executive position will be barred from filling any other executive position for the remainder of the year.


  1. S.S.S. will appoint a “dive leader” for all club dives. Acknowledging the fact that S.S.S. has limited access to certified “Dive Masters” or “Master Divers”, a senior diver with experience will be appointed.
  2. The Dive Leader will have final word whether a dive will commence and who will be diving. If a diver is refused permission to dive with the club by the dive leader, dive fees will be refunded as soon as possible. If dive conditions are too hazardous, the dive leader will decide if the dive will continue. If the club dive is aborted, this will mean all club liability will cease and divers may dive at their own risk, without club affiliation.
  3. If, for any reason, a member is prohibited from participating and feels they have been treated unfairly, the executive will review all circumstances and attempt to resolve the conflict. The decision of the executive is final.
  4. At all club dives, the dive leader shall ensure the buddy system is used.
  5. All divers at club events will use proper diving equipment including an alternate air source (such as an “octopus” second stage). If the dive leader is of the opinion that the equipment to be used by a diver is unsafe or lacks an acceptable alternate air source, the diver may be refused participation in the club event.
  6. Any non-member or guest participating in a club dive will be required to sign a S.S.S. waiver form.
  7. Members sponsoring a guest at any S.S.S. function will be responsible for extra costs or damages incurred by that guest.
  8. Non-members may attend a maximum of three S.S.S. dives before purchasing a membership.
  9. S.S.S. club members have preference on any limited capacity charter or club event. Non-members “invited” to help fill charters are exempt from the three visit By-Law B-4.
  10. S.S.S. strongly recommends that all divers have a physical examination each year before the dive season commences. The club also encourages certification in First Aid, CPR, and SLAM (Scuba Life Saving and Accident Management).


  1. General meetings will be held at a designated place and time as decided by the current executive.
  2. Affairs of the club shall be managed by the executive; consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, or Dive Co-ordinators, and advisory personnel as required such as Past President.
  3. The executive shall handle all day-to-day business and finances of the club.
  4. The financial affairs attended to the previous month will be reported at the general meetings. Any expenditure over $200.00 must be first approved by a majority at a general meeting by a show of hands.
  5. The South Shore Scuba name and logo shall not be used by members in conjunction with advertising, personal or commercial, unless approved by the current executive.
  6. Meetings will be informal when ever possible and parliamentary procedure and a democratic method of operation shall be adhered to. In the event of a heated discussion, “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall be put into effect by the President or, in his or her absence, the chairperson of the meeting. At that time, there will be one executive member put in charge of Order and a time limit for discussion will be set.
  7. Amendments to these by-laws may be submitted in writing by any member to the executive and will be discussed/voted on at the next general meeting. Amendments will be passed by a majority of attending members at that meeting.
South Shore SCUBA Club