2023 Brockville Dives

Four club members spent a couple days in Brockville recently, enjoying the warm water and refreshing currents of the St. Lawrence River.

The group drove up on Friday morning and joined Helen on the Helen C for two dives that afternoon. The Darya had a decent current, but far less than the last few years. Several divers saw a small sturgeon while traversing the keel. The Lilli Parsons current was also mild compared to the previous couple of years, and the line at the end of the drift dive has been restored.

Saturday morning, we boarded the Emily C in Rockport for some American wreck diving. The Keystorm is still an excellent wreck and several divers commented they could spend an entire day just diving on her. The second dive on Saturday was the America, and despite all efforts to avoid going down the wrong trail line, we still managed to find the anchor instead of the wreck on our first try.

The water was 70F even at 113′, and the current was very manageable. We met some great new friends and enjoyed some spectacular weather.

Friday night we took Helen and Vince out for dinner as thanks for all the years they have taken care of us.

Future visitors will note the South Shore SCUBA stickers on all the boats now as well 🙂

South Shore SCUBA Club